Metrology on a cellular and macromolecular scale for regenerative medicine

The project METREGEN addresses a field of research novel at both European and International level, the metrology in nanomedicine and more specifically in regenerative medicine, a field where the convergence of nanotechnology and biotechnology will provide a significant contribution to current and future progress. Metrology for health underpins the more reliable and efficient exploitation of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and the development of new technologies, which is needed to improve health care and patient protection, limit costs and foster the competitiveness of the related European industries and services. In addition, legislation requires more and more substances and techniques to be covered by metrology such as through the in-vitro diagnostic medical devices directive 98/79/EC.

This project aims to develop traceable measurement technologies for characterizing cellular and macromolecule behaviour in regenerative medicine products and processes. This project represents a major co-operation between the Italian National Metrological Institute, the Piedmont Universities and the industry to share their expertises on nanoscale measurement techniques, on tissues engineering, on stem cell genetics and on chemistry for developing research on the measurement methods and technologies as applied to regenerative medicine.

The scientific goals of the project are: - Development of new measurement methodologies and improvements to measurement instruments (at this scope partnerships have been developed with appropriate instrumentation companies) - Validation of processes for culturing stem cells - Development of methods for producing reference materials (gold standards) and artefacts for calibrating instruments

The present project intends to reinforce the position of Italy in the European Centre for Excellence in Metrology for Regenerative Medicine, created to facilitate commercial exploitation of tissue engineered products in Europe. At this scope the project METREGEN intends to develop a technology platform in Piedmont to foster collaboration between industries, research and innovation for the certification of products and the quality assurement of processes in regenerative medicine.

This is particularly important in ligth of the development in the regional health system of the regenerative medicine center (DGR n. 27-8060 del 21.1.2008 - Istituzione del centro di medicina rigenerativa della Regione Piemonte e del gruppo di lavoro regionale della medicina rigenerativa).